Buy Health Insurance


The U.S. government has launched a new health insurance marketplace as of October 1, 2013, which will provide residents of the United States an affordable health insurance option.

How to buy health insurance?

Step 1. Apply for health insurance by providing information about you and your family.

Step 2. Choose a health insurance plan that fits your needs. You will have several choices.

Step 3. Enroll into a plan. Coverage begins in 2014.
Will you qualify for lower premiums?

You may qualify for lower premiums depending on your personal income and family size. The plan works very simply using a tax credit system called the Advanced Premium Tax Credit that will help lower monthly premium costs. It can be applied directly to these monthly costs, which will reduce your costs immediately.

All of the savings you receive will be based on a calculation of your income and family size.

What plans are offered?

Insurance plans are offered by private companies. No plan can turn you way because of an illness or medical condition. And plans cannot charge women more than men.